Amazon Fire 7 Tablet With Alexa – Initial Thoughts

My new Amazon Fire 7 tablet just arrived in the mail! Now, obviously I haven’t spent much time with the Fire 7 tablet, or any Fire device for that matter. This is my first Fire device, having purchased it on Amazon Prime Day this year for only $29.99. Here are my initial thoughts…

Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a friendly orange box containing the Fire 7. Amazon is doing a great job with this packaging. Here’s a photo of the Fire 7 box next to the Kindle Paperwhite box. Despite picking up this tablet for under $30, the packaging certainly makes it feel more high-end than one of the super cheap tablets from Walmart or even Best Buy.


The Fire 7 was nicely packed, with everything you need included in the box. USB wall charger, USB charging cable, and instruction booklet.


It turns out that Amazon also includes a booklet containing discounts on their services that could complement the Fire tablet! There is a 30-day free Audible trial, a free 1-month Kindle Unlimited trial, and a 30-day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. This is a good savings, and if I use all of the coupons, I’ll basically have made up for the cost of the tablet.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks
Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial


Anyway, the Fire 7 is higher quality than I expected. Everything is put together well and it seems like a pretty solid device, especially for the low price. The screen isn’t comparable to an iPad or Samsung tablet, but the price makes it palatable. As many others have pointed out, the speakers are pretty low quality, but I’m expecting to use it with headphones more often than not.

Finally, the Alexa voice assistant is really cool! I’ve only used Siri on my various Apple products, but Alexa seems a lot more intuitive and she speaks in a more natural, less robot sounding voice. I’ve been playing around asking what the weather is going to be like among other stupid questions, and she’s actually responded with great detail in a voice that doesn’t sound like a robot. It’s great that Amazon has finally added Alexa to the Fire tablet. I’ve never been interested in an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, but now I may have to think about getting one if for nothing more than asking Alexa about the weather or a quick news briefing. I need to get to know Alexa at her full potential, but so far she’s the most intuitive virtual assistant I’ve seen.

I’ll update with more about the Kindle Paperwhite and the Fire 7 tablet later on. Now I want some time to actually use them.

What do you all think of the Fire 7 tablet and Kindle devices? Do you think Amazon is on track to become the next major electronics manufacturer? Leave your comments below!